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Working with business in Ireland

We work with local business in Ireland.  We want to see businesses across Ireland thrive, grow and adapt.  With more than 50 years’ experience of distance learning, we know how adults learn and how businesses learn.  The OU works with over 2,4000 employers to help find the right learning and development solutions.  We have vast experience working with organisations of different sizes and over a wide range of sectors to find flexible learning that drives business success.

How can we help your organisation?

At the OU, we provide professional learning and development solutions according to organisational needs.

The appropriate solution may be developing and delivering a tailor-made programme for your organisation:

  • 600 + learning modules across a range of subjects
  • Learning modules and tutor support can be adapted to enrich in-house training programmes
  • We can accredit in-house training, creating a route for staff to gain a recognised qualification

These are just some of the ways we can work with organisations in Ireland and your staff to help you excel and grow.

Why The Open University?

At The Open University we understand industry and that is why so many organisations choose to work with us.

We are:

  • Flexible: offering 400 + modules, our teaching methods are flexible and we can adapt solutions to your organisations unique needs.
  • Practical:  we offer solutions that cause minimal disruption to your organisation
  • Diverse: we have a range of diverse business solutions to meet all the needs you may have and more.  We can upskill your employees, help you to attract and retain new staff and work with you to nurture future leaders
  • Value for money: Our business solutions cost less than you might think.  We even have free options available.  What employees learn with us they can apply to the workplace immediately, delivering an instant return on investment
  • Scalable: Our scalable solutions will meet the needs of your organisation, whether you wish to develop one employee or 1,000 across multiple sites worldwide.

The OU fits the needs of your organisation, from sponsorship of individual staff to enable their professional development through to tailored solutions for groups of staff to meet your business goals. Our accredited, scalable solution works whether you want to develop the skills of a single employee or 10,000 across multiple sites worldwide. Our approach includes the following solutions:

  • Early career development – a flexible model for growing your own graduates during employment. We also work with employers to solve any immediate skill gaps and develop your early talent pipeline.
  • Talent management – invest in the people you already know and develop the specific skills your organisation needs. We work with you to provide an accredited solution for your high performers to help you develop and retain the right talent.
  • Management development – our triple accredited Business School is in the top 1% worldwide. We provide solutions that help build leadership and management capability at all levels.

Key facts about the OU’s work with employers:

  • 80% of FTSE 100 companies sponsor their staff on OU courses.
  • The OU works with leading employers in the Republic of Ireland, including An Post, Pfizer, Medtronic, Hewlett Packard, Aer Lingus, Houses of the Oireachtas, Boston Scientific, Kingspan, Eircom and Kerry Group.
  • The Open University Business School is the largest in the world with AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS accreditation and has currently over 23,000 OU MBA graduates active in 91 countries.

For more information please visit Employers at the OU.