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Support during COVID-19

Learning designed to help you.

Here at The Open Univeristy, we want to enable people to change their lives through learning. During the current pandemic we have resources that can help you no matter what your circumstance or background. Whether you need help to find a new job, brush-up on unused skills or acquire new skills, or explore the ways in which you can adapt to the new way of online work and learning.

Learning with the OU isn't just a formal education process, it is a flexible way to fit learning around your life. We have a range of courses covering areas from mental health and wellbeing to how you can manage your money and much more. Below are a range of what we have to offer. 


Redundancy - what are your next steps?

Are you facing or under threat of redundancy? If so, you’ll no doubt agree that being in this position can be really challenging, however, it can also provide you with the opportunity to reflect and reset your priorities.

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Business support for SMEs

Many Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing their toughest challenges to date due to Covid-19. Study our free business courses to help improve your skills and knowledge.

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View the most popular courses on The Open Univeristy's free learning platform OpenLearn. A great range of short free courses for those who cannot commit to more formal learning

Free skills content for anyone

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Money Saving Expert Academy of Money

The Open University has joined forces with MoneySavingExpert (MSE) to produce this new free course to give you the skills and knowledge to master your finances.

A blackboard in the shape of head laid on a desk next to some pads and a keyboard. The black board read's soft skills'.

Soft skills training

Learn to recognise the importance of soft skills and how you can improve skills in yourself and your organisation, with free courses from OpenLearn, endorsed by Google.

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Getting started in online learning

In this free online course you will find out what online learning is and what it can offer you. You’ll discover the skills required for online study and evaluate your own study skillset.


Free pandemic related content for anyone

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What is Coronavirus?

On this page you will find the latest articles from Open University academics, as well as links to related and supporting content around COVID-19.

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Continue your school studies at home

We've pulled together some of our top courses and content across a range of subjects, including Maths, English, Literature, Science, Languages and Finance to help you continue learning at home.

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Take your teaching online

It is almost 20 years since The Open University trialled our first fully online course with our students. We are now world leaders in the research and delivery of online education. In this free course, we share the fundamental knowledge needed to deliver effective teaching online. 

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Mental health tips and resources

The constant bad news and panic around coronavirus is unsettling and can have implications on our mental health. Here are some free resources to improve your wellbeing.

Free content for OU students.

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OU Help Centre

Help with all aspects of OU study and being an OU student. Look here before contacting us as you may find the answer you need.

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The OU student portal for job hunting, events, CV workshops, webinars and more.

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Careers and Employability Services

As an OU student you will have access to a comprehensive range of resources and tools to help you work towards your career goals.

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Coronavirus updates

We are continuing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure students and staff can study and work safely. This page tells you about the differences you can expect to the usual services and support we provide.

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Library services

Your gateway to a wide range of online information resources for OU students.