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At The Open University we have highly motivated postgraduate research students available for industrial and office placements or to support small-scale projects.

Benefits of using OU postgraduate students

The OU’s Internship Programme is only open to our postgraduate research students, who are highly motivated, talented and many have already worked in industry.

We work with companies to understand their business needs and match them with a postgraduate researcher whose studies, interests and knowledge mirror those requirements.

Interns can be engaged at any point throughout the year in order to meet the specific business needs at a given point in time.

The OU has funding available, and can also access funding via our strategic relationship with Santander Universities Global Division, which is  part of Santander’s commitment to support Higher Education, so the majority of the costs are covered for small and medium-sized companies.

We engage the interns and will carry out all Human Resources checks prior to commencement of a placement.

Students can be sourced from across all OU faculties offering a range of skills and experience thus ensuring that companies can acquire the expertise they need.

Open University Postgraduate Internship Programme

What our partners say

We feel that the scheme has been sufficiently successful that we have already submitted a request for a second intern. We feel that the arrangement really is a win-win for all parties concerned and would recommend it to others.


The interns have been of universally high quality, highly engaged with our charitable work, and keen to support in a variety of fields and across our departments.

The Brilliant Club

This programme has enabled us to accept high calibre interns who have all performed admirably.

National Energy Foundation
Milton Keynes

To discuss how our students can help you contact the Enterprise team.