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The Open University’s (OU) interdisciplinary Education experts set the agenda for childhood, youth and sports, education futures, language and literacies and technology enhanced learning research. They shape how schools, colleges, universities, professional development organisations and open education providers teach, and millions learn worldwide.

OU Education researchers have revamped how UK primary schools develop pupils’ reading for pleasure and empowered thousands of language teachers in 27 countries to teach online. They have enhanced the practices of English teachers’ throughout Bangladesh to improve the language skills of millions of the country’s learners. Their innovative work is also shaping public health policy and services in Europe, Asia and Latin America to address the impact of digital marketing of unhealthy food to children.

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It takes a village to raise a teacher

Professor Freda Wolfenden, Kimberley Safford and Dr Deborah Cooper have spent a decade empowering women and children in rural and under-resourced communities in sub-Saharan Africa through education. Their work has helped more than 3,000 women gain confidence and embark on a pathway to financial independence.

Empowering teachers to help children read for pleasure

Professor Teresa Cremin and her colleagues from the Reading for Pleasure project are using their research to develop teachers and inspire children across England and further afield to discover the joy of reading.

Transforming English language teaching in Bangladesh

OU researchers have harnessed the power of innovative technology-enabled teaching methods to transform English language education in Bangladesh, improve children’s life prospects and support the country’s economic development and sustainable growth.

Using keyword signing for more inclusive teaching in Indonesian classrooms

We have introduced keyword signing into classrooms in Indonesia, enabling children with special educational needs to participate.