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The Open University (OU) is an international leader in Planetary and Space Sciences, Space Instrumentation, Astronomy, Physics and Physics Education.

OU researchers partner with international space agencies to design and build instruments for flagship space missions that have returned ground-breaking measurements from the surface of a comet and are in orbit around Mars. They have revealed the wet nature of the previously considered dry interior of the Moon, determined the physical structure of near-Earth asteroids, and pioneered new techniques to find hot rocky exoplanets. Back on Earth, their space instrumentation expertise provides innovative solutions in fields as diverse as monitoring air quality on submarines and ensuring Scotch Whisky’s provenance.

Learn more about OU physics' research impact

Capturing the secrets of the Universe

Dr David Hall discusses The Open University Centre's for Electronic Imaging’s pioneering work on technologies that allow us to explore even the darkest corners of the cosmos and are making the UK a leader in space research.

From space science and submarines to Scotch Whisky

How can understanding the secrets of the universe help make submarines safer, ensure Scotch Whisky's provenance and 'sniff out' new fragrances? Dr Geraint Morgan explains all.