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Dr Anna Comas-Quinn

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Professional biography

I am a Senior Lecturer in Spanish in the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics at The Open University. My work centers on the production and delivery of online distance language learning courses including the Masters in Translation qualification. 

I was responsible for the JISC-funded LORO repository project, which provides free Open Educational Resources for language teaching and learning, and was awarded a Fellowship for SCORE, the Support Centre for Open Educational Resources in 2010. I've been part of the organising committee for the UK OER conferences for many years, and have published extensively in the area of Open Resources and Practices. 

I served as Associate Head of the Department of Languages between 2013-16, and I'm currently a member of Senate.

Research interests

Open educational resources and practices, open online communities, technology-enhanced language learning, professional development for language teachers. I am particularly interested in how technology can improve and enable professional development for language teachers, and how open spaces and communities can be harnessed for educational purposes.


  • ExplOERer (2014-2016), an Erasmus+ project that looks at expanding the role of OER and fostering their sustainability through reuse and repurposing in new learning ecosystems. See


  • Performing Languages (2011-13), a Grundtvig project exploring links between drama and performance, and language teaching and learning. More information at



  • Mobile blogging to support intercultural learning and awareness: a pilot project that took place during Residential School in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in August 2007.


Teaching interests

I joined the Open University as a full-time Lecturer in Spanish in 2007, having previously worked as an Associate Lecturer and consultant author for many years. I am interested in applying technology to improve language teaching and learning, in particular in using open technologies and practices to enable teachers and learners to connect with communities inside and outside academia.

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
CREET: Language and Literacies Research ClusterClusterFaculty of Education and Language Studies


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