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Mr Anthony English

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Professional biography

I am a full-time PhD researcher who joined the OU in 2018, as recipient of the Rachael Webb Political Psychology Studentship. I entered higher education as a mature student in 2010, studying a BSc in Applied Psychology at Durham University. Since that time I have completed a PGCE in adult learning, and a MSc in Clinical & Forensic Psychology at Newcastle University. I have previous professional experience as a psychology teacher for SEN students, and as a specialist study skills tutor for undergraduates. I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, with additional membership to the political psychologists and academics, researchers, and teachers divisions. 

Research interests

I am a political psychologist currently researching how political actors can sustain dialogue during polarised discourse; in this case, the UK's relationship with Europe and the wider world. This PhD research is Dialogical is its epistemological assumptions, with a specific focus on, I-position exchanges (Gillespie and Martin, 2014), Migration-Mobility (Mahendran, 2018), and Common-sense Knowledge (Markova et al, 2007) during discursive engagements. The PhD supervisory team consists of Dr. Kesi Mahendran, (Open University - lead supervisor), Dr. Agnes Czajka (Open University), and Prof. Nick Hopkins (Dundee University). Previous studies have involved researching moral foundations and social identity theory within the context of prosocial behaviour and coalition-willingness respectively. 

Teaching interests

I began as an associate lecturer in 2019 on the OU's Teaching Scheme for the postgraduate module DD801: Principles of Social and Psychological Inquiry. In addition to this, I also started mentoring pre-upgrade PhD students in 2020.  

Impact and engagement

BPS Political Psychology (virtual, 2022) Annual Conference. Speaker. The I-Positions Between Us: Exploring how politically polarised citizens sustain dialogue discussing the UK’s global relationships (online). 

British Psychological Society – Book Review. ‘Stories Changing Lives’  (February 2022) Co-authored with Dr. Kesi Mahendran, Sue Nieland, and Dr. Nicola Magnusson. 

PsyPAG (virtual, 2021) Annual Conference. Speaker. The I-Postions Between Us: Exploring how politically polarised citizens sustain dialogue discussing the UK's global relationships. 

PSA/BPS UK Political Psychology Conference (virtual, 2021) Speaker alongside Dr. Kesi Mahendran & Sue Nieland: Populism vs. the People: How citizen’s social representations of home destabilize national populism’s territorial vision.

BBC 100 Workshop (virtual, 2020) Invitation to pitch an idea for BBC centenary celebrations based on PhD research.

International Society of Theoretical Psychology (Danish School, Copenhagen 2019) – Measured Lives: Theoretical Psychology in an Age of Acceleration. Speaker alongside Dr. Kesi Mahendran, Dr. Gavin Sullivan, & Dr. Paul Sullivan: Sustaining dialogue in polarised political contexts: Moving beyond Perspective-taking to explore consensus/dissensus via Dialogical-Self positional exchanges. 

External collaborations

I am a founding member of the Public Dialogue Psychology Collaboratory, see link for further details:  I have previously collaborated with Dr. Trevor James (Newcastle University) on testing Moral Foundation Theory in specific prosocial behaviour contexts. In a non-academic context, I was a semi-regular contributor of psychology-based content for the award winning Honest Actors' Blog (2016-2019).  


Populism vs. the People: How citizen’s social representations of home destabilize national populism’s territorial vision (2021-04)
Mahendran, Kesi; English, Anthony and Nieland, Sue
Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology, 5(2) (pp. 146-158)

No Obvious Home: the Public’s Dialogical Creation of Home During the Third Wave of Decolonization (2021)
Mahendran, Kesi; English, Anthony and Nieland, Sue
Human Arenas ((Early access))

Sustaining Dialogue in Polarised Political Contexts: Moving beyond Shared-Identity to Dialogical Position Exchanges. (2021)
English, Anthony and Mahendran, Kesi
In : Measured Lives: Theoretical Psychology in an Era of Acceleration (18-23 Aug 2019, Aarhus University/ Copenhagen)