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Mrs Annie Eardley

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am a French national but have lived in the United Kingdom for nearly 40 years.

I have worked for the Open University since 1994 since the onset  of language courses, first as an Associate Lecturer and then as a Staff Tutor based in the Manchester office.

I have tutored on 3 French courses, been an author on the beginners course and on the Intermediate French course.  

I have worked on the French residential programme as an author, a tutor and a course director.  I was responsible for the delivery of the course on our UK site, adapting the Caen-based programme to a Manchester environment.  In addition, I adapted the programme for delivery on line and by telephone.

When the Department of Languages introduced Lyceum, a synchronous on-line voice and visual programme as an alternative to face-to-face tutorials,  I designed material for use on the environment and have since been involved in the training of both tutors and students on the environment.  With the introduction of Elluminate, now replaced by Blackboard Collaborate (customised as OU Live), I have continued providing support to tutors and students as well as other academic colleagues.  I am now supporting Associate Lecturers in adopting Adobe Connect for tutorial delivery.

Aside from managing a team of 20 Language Associated Lecturers, I am also responsible for managing the delivery of 3 French modules, comprising over 40 Tutor Groups.  

I am Chair of the university-wide 4 Nations Associate Lecturer Staff Development Strategy Group as well as a Member of Senate.

I am Chair of 2 language associations for alumni with over 200 members which offer a range of events to their members including thematic days with  outside speakers, discussion days with native speakers, book circles and cinema visits.

Before joining the Open University, I ran my own business providing languages services to local industry including tuition, interpreting and translation and worked in Adult Education, Further Education and as a Lector for the University of Manchester.

Research interests

Use of technology in teaching, including using Mobile Technology, Voice Conferencing software and resources repositories.

Professional Development of Educators

Mobile language learning : To evaluate the use of mobile technology in language learning
To evaluate voice response tools to foster listening and speaking skills and deliver summative and formative assessment

Teaching interests

  • Language teaching
  • On-line teaching
  • Professional Development of Educators

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
CREET: Language and Literacies Research ClusterClusterFaculty of Education and Language Studies


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The Open University