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Dr Carlos Gavidia-Calderon

Profile summary

Professional biography

I currently work as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Software Engineering at The Open University

I graduated in 2020 from University College London with a PhD. in Software Engineering. As a postgraduate researcher, I studied cooperation in software development teams using game-theoretic models. I have also a Master's in Computer Science; with a dissertation on ant colony optimisation algorithms applied to computer vision.

As a software engineer, I worked in projects ranging from mobile applications to large-scale information systems. I have also taught courses on programming fundamentals and algorithms to undergraduate engineering students.

Skills: Python Programming, Software Engineering, Optimization Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Statistical Data Analysis.


Research interests

  • Game-theoretic applications to Software Engineering.
  • Reinforcement learning.
  • Agent-based models.


Game-theoretic analysis of development practices: Challenges and opportunities (2020-01)
Gavidia-Calderon, Carlos; Sarro, Federica; Harman, Mark and Barr, Earl T.
Journal of Systems and Software, 159(110424)

Isula: A java framework for ant colony algorithms (2020)
Gavidia-Calderon, Carlos and Beltrán Castañon, César
SoftwareX, 11, Article 100400

The Assessor's Dilemma: Improving Bug Repair via Empirical Game Theory (2019)
Gavidia-Calderon, Carlos; Sarro, Federic; Harman, Mark and Barr, Earl T.
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 47(10) (pp. 2143-2161)

Quid Pro Quo: An Exploration of Reciprocity in Code Review (2022)
Gavidia-Calderon, Carlos; Han, DongGyun and Bennaceur, Amel
In : 19th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR ’22) (23-24 May 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

What Do You Want From Me? Adapting Systems to the Uncertainty of Human Preferences
Gavidia-Calderon, Carlos; Bennaceur, Amel; Kordoni, Anastasia; Levine, Mark and Nuseibeh, Bashar
In : New Ideas and Emerging Results (ICSE-NIER’22) (21-29 May 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

A Game-Theoretic Approach to Software Process Improvement (2020)
Gavidia-Calderon, Carlos
PhD thesis University College London