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Atmospheric pressure plasma engineered superhydrophilic CuO surfaces with enhanced catalytic activities (2021-10-30)
Dey, Avishek; Chandrabose, Gauthaman; Ghosh, Paheli; A. O. Damptey, Lois; Clark, Adam H.; Selvaraj, Vimalnath; Vasant Kumar, Ramachandran; Braithwaite, N St.J.; Zhuk, Siarhei; Dalapati, Goutam Kumar; Ramakrishna, Seeram and Krishnamurthy, Satheesh
Applied Surface Science, 564, Article 150413

Removal and Degradation of Mixed Dye Pollutants by Integrated Adsorption-Photocatalysis Technique Using 2-D MoS2/TiO2 Nanocomposite (2021-09)
Chandrabose, Gauthaman; Dey, Avishek; Gaur, Shivani Singh; Pitchaimuthu, Sudhagar; Jagadeesan, Hema; Braithwaite, N. St. John.; Selvaraj, Vimalnath; Kumar, Vasant and Krishnamurthy, Satheesh
Chemosphere, 279, Article 130467

Cu2O/CuO heterojunction catalysts through atmospheric pressure plasma induced defect passivation (2021-03-01)
Dey, Avishek; Chandrabose, Gauthaman; Damptey, Lois A.O.; Erakulan, E.S.; Thapa, Ranjit; Zhuk, Siarhei; Dalapati, Goutam Kumar; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Braithwaite, Nicholas St. J.; Shirzadi, Amir and Krishnamurthy, Satheesh
Applied Surface Science, 541, Article 148571

Ultrafast epitaxial growth of CuO nanowires using atmospheric pressure plasma with enhanced electrocatalytic and photocatalytic activities (2021)
Dey, Avishek; Ghosh, Paheli; Chandrabose, Gauthaman; Damptey, Lois A. O.; Kuganathan, Navaratnarajah; Sainio, Sami; Nordlund, Dennis; Selvaraj, Vimalnath; Chroneos, Alexander; Braithwaite, Nicholas St.J. and Krishnamurthy, Satheesh
Nano Select ((Early Access))

Microwave- and Formaldehyde-Assisted Synthesis of Ag–Ag3PO4 with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity for the Degradation of Rhodamine B Dye and Crude Oil Fractions (2020-06-01)
Nyankson, Emmanuel; Amedalor, Reuben; Chandrabose, Gauthaman; Coto, Michael; Krishnamurthy, Satheesh and Kumar, R. Vasant
ACS Omega, 5(23) (pp. 13641-13655)