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Dr Gunvor Jonsson

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am a Research Associate on the Moving Market Places project, which focuses on market traders’ mobilities, place-making and production of inclusive public space in the UK. I am also a Research Associate at SOAS (University of London) and Review Editor of Migration & Society (Berghahn Journals).

Over the past five years I have held lectureships at SOAS and the University of Oxford. From 2008 onwards I was a key member of the research team at the International Migration Institute (IMI) at the University of Oxford, where I worked on the African Migrations Programme and on projects including African Perspectives on Human Mobility; Mobility in the African Great Lakes; and Theorizing the Evolution of European Migration Systems (THEMIS). I was a founding member of the virtual IMI network ( I hold a PhD from SOAS; an MA from Copenhagen (Denmark); and undergraduate degrees from the University of Pretoria (South Africa).

Research interests

My previous work has dealt primarily with migration, (im)mobilities and development in Africa with a focus on francophone/Islamic West Africa. My collaborative and independent research has tackled key aspects of mobility in Africa through pioneering projects which have privileged the perspectives of African scholars and migrants themselves. I have conducted anthropological fieldwork in Mali, Senegal, and South Africa, and collaborative inter-disciplinary research with partners in Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I am currently completing a book manuscript tentatively entitled, Terminus. The Ends of Malian Women´s Railway Commerce in Neoliberal Dakar. The book is an exploration of “endings”, revolving around the demolition of the Malian market at the terminus station of the Dakar-Niger railway line, in the heart of the Senegalese capital. Neo-liberal policies implemented by former President Wade led to the privatisation of the railway line in Senegal and the subsequent bulldozing of the Malian market at the Dakar terminus in 2009. I explored the consequences, which were felt especially by women traders who had travelled the line since its inauguration, making the terminus station in Dakar the centre of a thriving network of settled Malian migrants and mobile traders and visitors. The main interlocutors of the book are childless, divorced, and widowed women, who have been increasingly drawn into trade and travel during the recent decades of economic and political liberalisation in Senegal and Mali. The book is based on my doctoral thesis, which was awarded the 2015 RAI/Sutasoma Award by the Royal Anthropological Institute.



Jónsson, Gunvor (2019) 'The Need to Travel: Malian Women Shuttle Traders, Autonomy and (Mis)trust in Neoliberal Dakar'. Africa: Journal of the International Africa Institute, (89) 4, pp 739-758.

Jónsson, Gunvor (2012) 'Imagination and Connectedness: Consumption of Global Forms in a Malian Village'. Mande Studies, (12), pp 105-120.

Edited Books or Journals:

Jónsson, Gunvor and Oliver Bakewell (eds.), (2013) The Contribution of African Research to Migration Theory. Journal of Intercultural Studies.

Jónsson, Gunvor and Robin Cohen (eds.), (2011) Migration and Culture. Edward Elgar. (The International Library of Studies on Migration series).

Book Chapters:

Jónsson, Gunvor (2015) 'Malian Traders in the Senegalese Capital'. In: Sigona, N. and Gamlen, A. and Liberatore, G. and Neveu Kringelbach, H., (eds.), Diasporas Reimagined: Spaces, practices and belonging. Oxford: Oxford Diasporas Programme, pp 92-95.

Jónsson, Gunvor (2014) 'Non-migrant, Sedentary, Immobile, or “Left Behind”? Reflections on the Absence of Migration'. In: Abdalla, E. B. M. and Dias Barros, D. and Berthet, M., (eds.), Spaces in Movement. New Perspectives on Migration in African Settings. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, pp 145-164.

Jónsson, Gunvor (2012) 'Migration, identity and immobility in a Malian Soninke Village'. In: Graw, Knut and Schielke, Samuli, (eds.), The Global Horizon: Migratory Expectations in Africa and the Middle East. Belgium: Leuven University Press.

Selected Working Papers:

Jónsson, Gunvor and Oliver Bakewell (2011), "Migration, mobility and the African city". Working Paper Series of the International Migration Institute, University of Oxford, paper 50, Online: 

Jónsson, Gunvor (2010) "The environmental factor in migration dynamics: A review of African case studies". Working Paper Series of the International Migration Institute, University of Oxford, paper 21, Online: