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Mr Ian Watson

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Title of thesis – A Moral form of partiality (Mfp-patriotism): a Mazzinian inspired love of country

My thesis aims to develop a morally acceptable form of partiality that seeks to reconcile cosmopolitanism with particularism, that is, a Mazzinian inspired form of partial sentiment (Mfp-patriotism) as a moderate, inclusive and moral form of patriotic love of and loyalty to one’s country and its political community.   Mfp-patriotism could, in application, help break down barriers, create common endeavour and assist in reconciling the societal divisions between the tribal instincts of the Anywheres and the Somewheres.

I was lucky to take voluntary early retirement in 2017, and having completed the MA in Philosophy with the OU in 2019, I’m delighted to be undertaking a full-time PhD.  I have previous experience in the military and as a Human Resources Director in the private/ public sector/ NHS.  I was born in Cumbria, England, but now live in North Norfolk.  I'm married to Sue and we have a wonderful daughter Lizzie.