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Professor John Oates

Profile summary

Research interests

Developmental psychology; early attachment, perinatal mental health, interventions for children and families in disadvantage through poverty, disability and special educational needs. Imagery and Roma rights

Research ethics and safeguarding children in performances

Teaching interests

Developmental psychology; multi-disciplinary working for family support; Roma rights; digital learning tools; skills development; integrating media; ethnography

Impact and engagement

Consultant author for Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage; co-author of Association of Research Ethics Committee's Framework for University Ethics Review; Member of British Psychological Society Ethics Committee, lead for BPS Code of Human Research Ethics and Media Ethics Advisory Group; core member of Early Support programme team, lead for Developmental Journals; Author and editor for Healthy Child Programme content in NHS e-learning for Health; Member of Hungarian Biztos Kezdet (Sure Start) development team; Lead for MORS-SF perinatal mental health screening tool; Nominated academic BBC-OU Child of Our Time 2001-2012; Advisor to PACEY, UKRIO, Achieving Early; Keyworking guidance and training for England, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova; documentary photography and film-making in Roma communities

External collaborations

Academy of Social Sciences Research Ethics Group; Health Education England e-learning for Health; Budapest Infant-Parent longitudinal study; ethics reviewer for European Research Council; Fellow of Academy of Social Sciences and Royal Society of Arts, Honorary Fellow of the British Psychological Society; Knight's Cross Order of Merit, Republic of Hungary

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
CREET: Child and Youth Studies Research ClusterGroupFaculty of Education and Language Studies


Mothers' Perceptions of Their Infants (2019-06)
Oates, John and Gervai, Judit
Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health, 33, Article 3(4) (pp. 282-300)

Validation of the Mothers’ Object Relations Scales Short-form (MORS-SF) (2018-09-30)
Oates, John; Gervai, Judit; Danis, Ildiko; Lakatos, Krisztina and Davies, John
Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, 33(1) (pp. 38-50)

Transcultural adaptation to the Brazilian Portuguese of the Postpartum Bonding Questionnaire for assessing the postpartum bond between mother and baby (2018)
Baldisserotto, Márcia Leonardi; Theme-Filha, Mariza Miranda; Griep, Rosane Harter; Oates, John; Renó Junior, Joel and Cavalsan, Juliana Pires
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A safe glimpse within the "black box"? Ethical and legal principles when assessing digital marketing of food and drink to children (2017-12-04)
Tatlow-Golden, Mimi; Verdoodt, Valerie; Oates, John; Jewell, Jo; Breda, João J. and Boyland, Emma
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An evaluation of key working for families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (2015)
Mengoni, Silvana; Bardsley, Janet and Oates, John
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A tool to record and support the early development of children including those with special educational needs or disabilities (2014-11-13)
Mengoni, Silvana and Oates, John
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Beyond the ‘red book’: the Early Years Developmental Journal (2013-05)
Oates, John
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Validation of the mothers object relations scales in 2–4 year old children and comparison with the child–parent relationship scale (2013-03-21)
Simkiss, Douglas E.; MacCallum, Fiona; Fan, Emma E. Y.; Oates, John M.; Kimani, Peter K. and Stewart-Brown, Sarah
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 11, Article 49(1)

A rövidített szülö-csecsemö kapcsolat skála Magyar változának (H-MORS-SF) pszichometriai mutatói nagy mintán (Psychometric properties of the Hungarian MORS-SF parent-infant relationship measure in a large sample) (2013)
Ildikó, Danis; Scheuring, Noémi; Gervai, Judit; Oates, John M. and Czinner, Antal
Psychiatria Hungarica, 27(6) (pp. 392-405)

Evaluating health visitor assessments of mother–infant interactions: a mixed methods study (2012-01)
Appleton, Jane V.; Harris, Margaret; Oates, John and Kelly, Cat
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Universal screening and early intervention for maternal mental health and attachment difficulties (2009-08)
Milford, Rebecca and Oates, John
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Nutrition and cognition: assessing cognitive abilities in children and young people (2008-08)
Oates, J. and Isaacs, E.
European Journal of Nutrition, 47(s3) (pp. 4-24)

A modified version of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development-II for cognitive matching of infants with and without Down syndrome (2008-06)
Moore, D. G.; Goodwin, J. E. and Oates, J. M.
Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 52(6) (pp. 554-561)

Behavior of mothers and infants with and without Down Syndrome during the still-face procedure (2008-01)
Moore, Derek G.; Oates, John M.; Goodwin, Julia and Hobson, R. Peter
Infancy, 13(1) (pp. 75-89)

Attachment matters (2007-11)
Oates, John
Early Childhood Matters, 109 (pp. 17-20)

Growing up with TV (2007-01)
Oates, John and Messer, David
The Psychologist, 20(1) (pp. 30-32)

Cognitive and social factors in the development of infants with Down Syndrome (2002)
Moore, D.G.; Oates, J.M.; Hobson, P. and Goodwin, J.
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A screening questionnaire for mother-infant bonding disorders (2001-03)
Brockington, I. F.; Oates, J.; George, S.; Turner, D.; Vostanis, P.; Sullivan, M.; Loh, C. and Murdoch, C.
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Risk factors for infant attrition and low engagement in experiments and free-play (1998)
Oates, John
Infant Behaviour and Development, 21(4) (pp. 555-569)

Ethical Considerations in Psychology Research (2019)
Oates, John
In: Iphofen, Ron ed. Handbook of Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity
ISBN : 9783030167585 | Publisher : Springer Nature Switzerland AG | Published : Cham, Switzerland

Research Ethics, Children, and Young People (2019)
Oates, John
In: Iphofen, Ron ed. Handbook of Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity
ISBN : 9783030167585 | Publisher : Springer Nature | Published : Cham, Switzerland

Ethical frameworks for research with human participants (2006)
Oates, John
In: Potter, Stephen ed. Doing postgraduate research (pp. 200-227)
ISBN : 141292405 7 | Publisher : Sage | Published : London

Theories of development (2005)
Oates, John; Sheehy, Kieron and Wood, Clare
In: Oates, John; Wood, Clare and Grayson, Andrew eds. Psychological Development and Early Childhood (pp. 47-88)
ISBN : 978-1-4051-1693-0 | Publisher : Wiley-Blackwell | Published : Oxford

Researching young children (2002-09-26)
Oates, John
In: Miller, Linda; Drury, Rose and Campbell, R. eds. Exploring issues in early years education and care
ISBN : 1853468487 | Publisher : David Fulton | Published : London, UK

Developing Brains (2012-04)
Oates, John; Karmiloff-Smith, Annette and Johnson, Mark eds.
Early Childhood in Focus
ISBN : 978-1-78007-321-7 | Publisher : The Open University | Published : Milton Keynes

Supporting Parenting (2010-04)
Oates, John ed.
Early Childhood in Focus
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Attachment Relationships: Quality of Care for Young Children (2007)
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Early Childhood in Focus
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Kötődési kapcsolatok (2007)
Oates, John ed.
Early Childhood in Focus
ISBN : 978-0-7492-2932-0 | Publisher : The Open University | Published : Milton Keynes, UK

Generic Ethics Principles in Social Science Research (2013-10)
Lewis, Janet; Dingwall, Robert; Iphofen, Ron; Oates, John and Emmerich, Nathan
In : Generic Ethics Principles in Social Science Research symposia (5 Mar 15 Apr & 23 May 2013, London)

Developing through play: A multi-media professional development package (2009-09)
Arreckx, F.; Bates, S.; Canning, N. and Oates, J.
In : British Psychological Society (BPS) Developmental Psychology Section Conference (9-11 Sep 2009, Nottingham Trent University)

Reusable learning objects: a multimedia professional development package (2008-10)
Oates, J.; Canning, N.; Arreckx, F. and Bates, S.
In : CETL, PBPL Annual Conference: Assessment, Experience and Reflection (15-16 Oct 2008, The Open Universtiy, Milton Keynes)

Developing Key Working (2014)
Mengoni, Silvana; Oates, John and Bardsley, Janet
Council for Disabled Children, London.

Early Years Developmental Journal (2013-02)
Oates, John and Mengoni, Silvana
National Children's Bureau, London.

Developmental Journal for Children and Young People with Multiple Needs (2013)
Mengoni, Silvana and Oates, John
National Children's Bureau, London

Practice Guide to the Early Years Developmental Journal (2013)
Mengoni, Silvana and Oates, John
National Children's Bureau, London.

School Years Developmental Journal (2013)
Mengoni, Silvana and Oates, John
National Children's Bureau, London

How to use the School Years Developmental Journal (2013)
Oates, John and Mengoni, Silvana
National Children's Bureau

Vortex (2011)
Oates, John and Szekeres, Csaba
Hunnia FilmStudio, Budapest.

Milton Keynes Family-Nurse Partnership: Wave 2A 'Collaborative Working with Children's Centres'; a service evaluation (2010-12)
Oates, John; Appleton, Jane; Ponsford, Ruth; Kynan, Sally and Huntington, Corinne
The Open University and Oxford Brookes University, Milton Keynes.

Early Support Developmental Journal (2008-04-01)
Oates, John
DCSF Publications

Observation Methods (2005)
Oates, John
, UK.