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Mr Joshua Wilde

Profile summary

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Professional biography

2018 - Present : PhD student, Astronomy research group of the School of Physical Sciences

PhD research project: Using Machine Learning to Find Gravitationally Lensed Quasars and Supernovae

2017-2018: Space Exploration Systems MSc, University of Leicester

MSc Project: LUPO - Lunar Propellent Outpost  (SpacE Exploration and Development Systems - SEEDS)

Research interests

I am a third year PhD student using machine learning to identify strong gravitational lenses.

My interests in machine learning mainly revolve around Convoultional Neural Networks (CNN) for use on astronomical images. As well as understanding the decision making abilities of CNN and what features in the image cause the CNN to classify the image as a lens or not.

My astronomical interests are strong gravitational lenses. 


Do Neural Networks Dream of Gravitational Lensing? (2021)
Wilde, Joshua
The Open University