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Mr Lawrence Jones

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am working at the Centre for Electronic Imaging, within the Space Instrumentation group, towards a PhD developing imaging payloads for CubeSats, supervised by Chiaki Crews, Matthew Soman, James Endicott, and Andrew Holland. This work seeks to build on previous experience within the CEI developing CubeSat payloads and enable new scientific imaging instruments.

PhD Student, The Open University, 2019 -

MEng, University of Bristol, 2015 - 2019

Research interests

  • Scientific applications of Cube Satellites.
  • Soft X-ray photon counting imaging spectroscopy.


Evaluation of the performance of the CCD236 swept charge devices in lunar orbit using in-flight data (2022)
Jones, L.S.; Crews, C.; Endicott, J. and Holland, A.D.
Journal of Instrumentation, 17(7)

Evaluation of sensors for the detection of energy resolved very soft x-ray fluorescence (2022-08-29)
Jones, Lawrence S.; Crews, Chiaki; Soman, Matthew; Ivory, James and Holland, Andrew D.
In : SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation (17 Jul - 22 Jul 2022, Montreal)