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Dr Marina Cantarutti

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Professional biography

I am an interactional linguist with a special interest in phonetics and gesture in everyday interaction. I joined the OU as a Research Associate at the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics in early 2020 and I am co-developing research with the Head of School, Prof. Rosina Márquez Reiter, carrying out interactional pragmatic studies of language use based on different spoken and digital corpora of interactional data in Spanish and English collected in different institutional and everyday settings. Projects so far have included the study of the speech particle vale in a market restaurant, a transmedia study and discursive study on the construction of morality in times of pandemic (funded by the OU Coronavirus Fund), as well as on ambulant vending in the Global South (also in collaboration with Ely Manrique), among other research projects. 

I have recently completed my PhD in Language and Communication at the Department of Language and Linguistic Science at the University of York on the multimodal and sequential design of co-animation in English interaction. I remain a collaborator with the Centre for Advanced Studies in Language and Communication (CASLC). I am also currently pursuing my own small-scale postdoctoral research projects on multimodal gestalts in collaborative productions in everyday English and Spanish interaction, with a focus on responsive uses of animation (i.e. voicing and re-enactments) used to sound for and with others. I am also developing some early work on other polyphonic practices, such as expletive interjections (e.g. Oh my God!) and different forms of denial in interaction.

I started my academic career as an EFL teacher and teacher educator in Argentina. Before doing my PhD in the UK, I lectured in Practical Phonetics for over a decade and briefly also in Discourse Analysis at different undergraduate and graduate programmes in Buenos Aires, (ISP Joaquín V González, ENSLV Sofía B de Spangenberg, Profesorado del Consudec, and others), training EFL teachers and translators, pre- and in-service, in face-to-face and distance learning programmes. 

I hold an MA in English Language with a focus on socio-pragmatic studies (Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires). I have done independent and also collaborated in team research on prosody-discourse interfaces in English, and on the teaching of prosodic configurations of different speech genres from the perspectives of Systemic Functional Linguistics and Discourse Intonation (Universidad Nacional de La Pampa). 

I also occasionally blog and curate resources on pronunciation and phonetics teaching and learning, and I have made a number of professional development presentations and led training sessions for in-service English language teachers.

Research interests

I am particularly interested in the study of phonetics and gesture as resources deployed and oriented to by participants in everyday talk-in-interaction, and how these interact with other semiotic systems, such as lexico-grammar, as well as studying their positioning in interaction and temporal alignment with each other. I study different forms of co-production in talk, and explore the ways in which these are used to enact collective identities and multi-person parties in interaction. I have studied in detail the conversational practice of co-animation (i.e. joint re-enactments) in English interaction, analysing its sequential, prosodic, and gestural design in different interactional activities. I mainly currently work with the methodological and theoretical perspectives of Conversation Analysis and Interactional Linguistics, and also draw on and what is known as the phonetics of talk-in-interaction as well as on gesture studies.

I have engaged in the past in the study of discourse-pragmatic approaches to the teaching of pronunciation and intonation of English as a Foreign Language (especially with what is known as Discourse Intonation), and the description of different prosodic configurations of speech genres in English from a Systemic Functional Linguistic perspective.


Teaching interests

I hold over a decade of experience lecturing in Phonetics and Phonology in Higher Education institutions. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, I lectured in Practical Phonetics and Discourse Analysis modules in ELT and Translation programmes, both in face-to-face and distance education programmes. In the UK, I have taught in several modules at the University of York, including introductory Phonetics and Phonology, The Prosody of English, and Social Interaction and Conversation Analysis, among others. I have also been a tutor at the Summer Course in English Phonetics at UCL (2018, 2019).

I hold a Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award (UoY, 2019) and a degree in English Language Teaching (ISP Dr Joaquín V González, 2004), and I am an Associate Fellow from the UK Higher Education Academy (Advanced HE, 2017). I am currently co-supervising PhD research in interactional pragmatics.

Impact and engagement

I have participated widely in public engagement activities, showcasing my research to different audiences. I was a finalist in the Three Minute Thesis competition in York in 2018, and in Falling Walls Lab London in 2019, and got third prize in the UoY 2018 Humanities Research Centre Poster Competition. I took part in several science exhibitions with interactive activities on conversation analytic research for kids and adults such as YorNight, and the Festival of Ideas. I am featured in the Linguistic Horizons section of the February 2020 Babel Magazine issue, discussing my work on CA-IL and co-animations.

I have written a number of short contributions to the blog of the Research on Language and Social Interaction (ROLSI) journal.

External collaborations

I am one of the founding members and was until 2020 part of the coordinating committee of the EMCA Remote Data Sessions project (#EMCARemote) with Dr. Jack Joyce and Natalie Flint (Ulster University). Since 2017 until 2019, we held online data sessions with other postgraduate students and early career researchers from around the world, enabling academics from different points of the globe to exchange knowledge and feedback, and during the pandemic we changed focus to contribute protocols for different universities and centres to move their data sessions online. The project is now sponsored by the International Society of Conversation Analysis (ISCA).

I am a member of the CORE-ILCA network, a network for PGRs and ECRs in Interactional Linguistics and Conversation Analysis, and I am a participant in the Conversanalista/Seminario Permanente de Análisis de la Conversación, a new initiative for CA scholars who work with data in different varieties of Spanish. I have recently joined the new UKRI Early Career Researcher Forum.

I am also a member of ISCA (International Society for Conversation Analysis), the International Phonetic Association (IPA), BAAP (British Association of Academic Phoneticians), and IPrA (International Pragmatics Association).


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