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Dr Marta Prandelli

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I joined the Open University in November 2021 as a Post Doctoral Associate at the School of Psychology & Counselling, working both on the development of the Open Psychology Research Centre research infrastructure and on Intersex Studies. I hold a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Padova (Italy), where I also received my BSc and MSc in Psychology. During my fully funded PhD I explored the narratives of Italian parents of intersex children and health professionals, looking at the relationship between bodies, gender, sexuality and culture.

I previously worked in government, non-profit and academia, gaining experience in project management, strategic planning, training and mentoring. As a research fellow for PoliS-Lombardia (Public research centre for the support of regional policies, 2019-2021) I worked on the development and analysis of regional and national social policies in the light of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDG1, SDG2, SDG5, SDG10). After joining the Italian Red Cross as a volunteer in 2014, I have been a local Red Cross representative since 2018 working on social inclusion, youth, international cooperation and welfare with multiple stakeholders in government, non-profit and profit sector.

Social innovation is my goal both as a scholar and a humanitarian worker, aiming to implement social inclusion and reinforce engaged citizenship through innovative project design, inclusive research-actions and multistakeholder processes.


Drawing the Line Between Essential and Nonessential Interventions on Intersex Characteristics With European Health Care Professionals (2021-03-01)
Hegarty, Peter; Prandelli, Marta; Lundberg, Tove; Liao, Lih-Mei; Creighton, Sarah and Roen, Katrina
Review of General Psychology, 25(1) (pp. 101-114)

Inside the doctor's office. Talking about intersex with Italian health professionals (2021)
Prandelli, Marta and Testoni, Ines
Culture, Health & Sexuality, 23(4) (pp. 484-499)

Educating New Generations: Standpoints in Women’s and Gender Studies and Implications for the Inclusion of LGBTQ Studies in Italian University Courses (2020)
Prandelli, Marta; Meraviglia, Greta; Testoni, Ines and Biglia, Barbara
Journal of Homosexuality, 67(7) (pp. 990-1012)

Because Moms Say So: Narratives of Lesbian Mothers in Italy (2016)
Zamperini, Adriano; Testoni, Ines; Primo, David; Prandelli, Marta and Monti, Chiara
Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 12(1) (pp. 91-110)

The mother who cannot provide liberation: family atom analysis of women victims of domestic violence (2014-06-11)
Guglielmin, Maria Silvia; Testoni, Ines; Pogliani, Ingrid; Prandelli, Marta and Verdi, Sybilla
La Camera Blu. Rivista Di Studi Di Genere, 2014(10)

Afterword: Storie di corpi [bodies stories] (2021)
Prandelli, Marta
In: Viola, Marta ed. Cotton Candy
Publisher : Yogurt | Published : Rome

Gener(ar)e: Una riflessione sulla questione intersex/DSD dal punto di vista genitoriale (2018)
Prandelli, Marta
In: De Piccoli, Norma and Rollero, Chiara eds. Sui Generi: Identità e Stereotipi in Evoluzione?. Studi di Genere. Convegni (pp. 91-108)
ISBN : 9788875901226 | Publisher : CIRSDe | Published : Torino

Gender and human rights in Italy through the lens of psychosocial and philosophical theories (2015)
Prandelli, Marta and Primo, David
In: Lorenzetti, Anna and Moscati, Maria Federica eds. LGBTI Persons and Access to Justice
ISBN : 9780854901869 | Publisher : Wildy, Simmonds and Hill | Published : London

Nidi Gratis in Lombardia. Attuazione e risultati (2020-02)
Ancona, Federica; Fregoni, Marco; Gay, Guido; Gibelli, Maria Cristina; Gregori, Emilio; Nicotra, Federica and Prandelli, Marta
Consiglio Regionale della Lombardia / PoliS-Lombardia, Milan.

Loud Silences. Languages, accessibility and cultural hegemony (2019-08)
Prandelli, Marta
IETM, Brussels.