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Dr Mario Toubes-Rodrigo

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Professional biography

I did my PhD at the Manchester Metropolitan University titlef "Geomicrobiology of the basal ice layer at Svínafellsjokull, South East Iceland" looking for what kind of microorganisms inhabiti the lowermost layer of ice in glacier and what kind of implication these microbes could have in relevant processes such as mineral weathering, soil formation, and greenhouse gas production.


As part of the AstrobiologyOU Research Group, my role as post-doctoral research associate is to identify and isolate microorganisms from the sulphate-rich environments and analyse the gases produced. These environments have been regarded as potential analogue for Mars, and they could contain crucial keys about potential present or past life on Mars. Additionally, we try to grow microorganisms from sulphate-rich environments under martian conditions to study the viablity of life on the Red Planet.

Research interests

Glaciology, extremophiles, microbiology, geology, astrobiology


Active microbial ecosystem in glacier basal ice fuelled by iron and silicate comminution‐derived hydrogen (2021-08)
Toubes-Rodrigo, Mario; Potgieter‐Vermaak, Sanja; Sen, Robin; Oddsdóttir, Edda S.; Elliott, David and Cook, Simon
MicrobiologyOpen, 10, Article e1200(4)

Terminal zone glacial sediment transfer at a temperate overdeepened glacier system (2018-01-15)
Swift, D. A.; Cook, S. J.; Graham, D. J.; Midgley, N. G.; Fallick, A. E.; Storrar, R.; Toubes Rodrigo, M. and Evans, D. J. A.
Quaternary Science Reviews, 180 (pp. 111-131)

Mapping the Long-Range Electron Transfer Route in Ligninolytic Peroxidases (2017-04-27)
Acebes, Sandra; Ruiz-Dueñas, Francisco J.; Toubes, Mario; Sáez-Jiménez, Veronica; Pérez-Boada, Marta; Lucas, M. Fátima; Martínez, Angel T. and Guallar, Victor
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121(16) (pp. 3946-3954)

Quantification of basal ice microbial cell delivery to the glacier margin [pre-print] (2016)
Toubes-Rodrigo, Mario; Cook, Simon J.; Elliott, David and Sen, Robin
Biogeosciences Discussions

Sampling and describing glacier ice (2016)
Toubes-Rodrigo, Mario; Cook, Simon J.; Elliott, David and Sen, Robin
In: Clarke, L. E. and Nield, J. M. eds. Geomorphological Techniques
ISBN : 2047-0371 | Publisher : British Society for Geomorphology | Published : London