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Dr Queenie Chan


Profile summary

Research interests

Meteoritics; Planetary Science; Extraterrestrial Organics; Asteroids; Comets; Origin of Life


Non‐protein amino acids identified in carbon‐rich Hayabusa particles (2022)
Parker, Eric T.; Chan, Queenie H.S.; Glavin, Daniel P. and Dworkin, Jason P.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science ((Early Access))

Organic matter and water from asteroid Itokawa (2021)
Chan, Q. H. S.; Stephant, A.; Franchi, I. A.; Zhao, X.; Brunetto, R.; Kebukawa, Y.; Noguchi, T.; Johnson, David; Price, M. C.; Harriss, K. H.; Zolensky, M. E. and Grady, M. M.
Scientific Reports, 11, Article 5125(1)

Organics preserved in anhydrous interplanetary dust particles: Pristine or not? (2020-06)
Chan, Queenie H. S.; Franchi, Ian A.; Zhao, Xuchao; Stephant, Alice; Wright, Ian P. and Alexander, Conel M. O'D.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 55(6) (pp. 1320-1348)

Concerns of Organic Contamination for Sample Return Space Missions (2020)
Chan, Queenie Hoi Shan; Stroud, Rhonda; Martins, Zita and Yabuta, Hikaru
Space Science Reviews, 216, Article 56(4)

Organic Matter in the Solar System—Implications for Future on-Site and Sample Return Missions (2020)
Martins, Zita; Chan, Queenie Hoi Shan; Bonal, Lydie; King, Ashley and Yabuta, Hikaru
Space Science Reviews, 216, Article 54(4)

The chlorine isotopic composition of the Moon: Insights from melt inclusions (2019-10-01)
Stephant, Alice; Anand, Mahesh; Zhao, Xuchao; Chan, Queenie; Bonifacie, Magali and Franchi, Ian
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 523, Article 115715

Heating experiments of the Tagish Lake meteorite: Investigation of the effects of short-term heating on chondritic organics (2019-01)
Chan, Queenie H. S.; Nakato, Aiko; , and ,
Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 54(1) (pp. 104-125)

A novel organic-rich meteoritic clast from the outer solar system (2019)
Kebukawa, Yoko; Ito, Motoo; Zolensky, Michael E.; Greenwood, Richard C.; Rahman, Zia; Suga, Hiroki; Nakato, Aiko; Chan, Queenie H. S.; Fries, Marc; Takeichi, Yasuo; Takahashi, Yoshio; Mase, Kazuhiko and Kobayashi, Kensei
Scientific Reports, 9, Article 3169(1)

Observations of Cometary Organics: A Post Rosetta Review (2019)
Morse, Andrew D. and Chan, Queenie H. S.
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 3(9) (pp. 1773-1791)

Organic components in interplanetary dust particles and their implications for the synthesis of cometary organics (2017-05)
Chan, Q. H. S.; Franchi, I. A. and Wright, I. P.
In : 80th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society 2017 (23-28 Jul 2017)

C chondrite clasts in H chondrite regolith breccias: something different (2016)
Zolensky, M.E.; Fries, M.; Utas, J.; Chan, Q.H.-S.; Kebukawa, Y.; Steele, A.; Bodnar, R.J.; Ito, M.; Nakashima, D.; Nakamura, T.; Greenwood, R.; Rahman, Z.; Le, L. and Ross, D.K.
In : 79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society (7-12 Aug 2016, Berlin, Germany)