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Dr Rachael Hamp

Profile summary

Professional biography

2022- Present RA/PDRA role in Planetary Geochemistry - Experimental Simulaton of Enceladus Ocean Floor 

2021-2022 Research Assisatant/PDRA role in Laboratory Astrophysics 

2017-2022 PhD in Geochemical cycling in the subsurface ocean of Enceladus with AstrobiologyOU 

Research interests

Icy Moons (Enceladus)

  • Thermochemical modelling of water-rock interactions on Enceladus
  • Transport processes on Enceladus from ocean floor to outer space
  • Experimental simulation of the subsurface environment of Enceladus

Interplanetary Ice 

  • Formation of amorphous and crystalline water ice and NaCl brines
  • Impact processes of ice grains in space