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Dr Robert Herian

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Professional biography

My current research focuses on interdisciplinary and theoretical analyses of law, technologies, systems, and data.  I'm co-founder of the Law, Information, Future, Technology (LIFT) research cluster at The Open University Law School and the Equity and Trusts Research Network (ETRN)

My further research interests include the law of equity, legal histories, civil justice, psychoanalysis, literature, and language drawing upon critical theories, philosophy, and traditional jurisprudence. 

I have presented my research at domestic and international conferences, and published in legal and non-legal peer-reviewed journals, edited collections, and via online portals including The Conversation and Critical Legal Thinking.   

I am author of three books Regulating Blockchain: Critical Perspectives in Law and Technology (Routledge, 2018), Data: New Trajectories in Law (Routledge, 2021), and Capitalism and the Equity Fetish: Desire, Property, Justice (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021)

For a full list of conference papers, working papers, and publications, please follow my ORCID link.

I'm interested in supervising PhD projects that explore one or more of my research topics, including intersections between technology, property and contract laws, equity, critical data theories, critical theories, and political economy. 

Research interests

  • Law, technology and data
  • Law and psychoanalysis
  • History and development of the law of equity
  • Law and literature
  • Critical legal theory, philosophy, and jurisprudence

Teaching interests

  • Law, technology and data
  • Equity and trusts 
  • Civil justice and property law
  • Futures of legal education
  • Critical Legal Theory

Impact and engagement

External collaborations

  • Expert panel member, author and contributor to the EU Blockchain Observatory
  • Member/contributor All Party Parliamentary Group on blockchain (@appg-blockchain)
  • Member of the Open University research group on blockchain technology: OpenBlockchain
  • Development of Equity & Trusts Research Network in collaboration with Kent Law School.  Activities include guest journal editorial, workshops, significant AHRC/ERSC grant to aid further development, conference stream and panel organization.
  • American Society of Law Culture and the Humanities (ASLCH)
  • Law Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia (LLHAA) 
  • EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum



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Technology with legal education (2021-10-16)
Herian, Robert
In: rua Wall, Illan; Middleton, Freya and Shah, Sahar eds. The Critical Legal Pocketbook (pp. 267-272)
ISBN : 978-1-910761-12-0 | Publisher : Counterpress | Published : Oxford

Desire Lines (2020-12-18)
Herian, Robert
In: Claydon, Lisa; Ajevski, Marjan and Derry, Caroline eds. Law in Motion: 50 years of Legal Change (pp. 90-104)
ISBN : 978-1-4730-3148-7 | Publisher : Open University Law School

Blockchain and the Distributed Reproduction of Capitalist Class Power (2018-01-20)
Herian, Robert
In: Gloerich, Inte; Lovink, Geert and De Vries, Patricia eds. MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype (pp. 43-51)
ISBN : 9789492302199 | Publisher : Institute of Network Cultures

Henry Miller: obscene other of the law (2015-06-18)
Herian, Rob
In: Decker, James and Männiste, Indrek eds. Henry Miller: New Perspectives (pp. 95-108)
ISBN : 9781628921236 | Publisher : Bloomsbury Academic | Published : London

Legal Recognition of Blockchain Registries and Smart Contracts (2018-12-12)
Herian, Robert
EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum