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Mr Ruiyao Zhang

Profile summary

Professional biography

Ruiyao joined StressMap at the Open University as a research engineer in 2019, working on residual stress characterisation using multiple methods. As a research engineer, his  performs residual stress characterisation and material characterisation, drafting reports to clients from both industry and academia. He is also responsible for the development and maintance of quality mangement system of StressMap.

Before joining StressMap, he completed his PhD research in studying Ni-base superalloys using Neutron diffraction at the University of Leicester in 2019. The research project has been successful, providing insight in neutron diffraction applicationelastic properties and misfit stress, precipitation kinetics, variant distribution, deformation mechanism related to the nanoscale gamma double prime precipitates in the heritage Ni-base superalloy Inconel 718. During the project, he performed several in-situ neutron diffraction experiments, which beamtime accumulated to nearly 20 days, in the spallation neutron facility ISIS UK. The research outcome has drawn the attention of Editor of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A and triggered an international collaborative research with scientists from the UK, France and the US.

Research interests

Ruiyao has interests in residual stress characterisation and structural intergity analysis in engineering component.


Microstructure evolution, solidification characteristic and magnetocaloric properties of MnFeP0·5Si0.5 particles by droplet melting (2021-04)
Tu, Defang; Li, Jun; Zhang, Ruiyao; Hu, Qiaodan and Li, Jianguo
Intermetallics, 131, Article 107102

A Fast-Acting Method for Simulating Precipitation During Heat Treatment of Superalloy 718 (2021-02)
Semiatin, S. L.; Tiley, J. S.; Zhang, F.; Smith, T. M.; Zhang, R. Y.; Dong, H. B.; Gadaud, P. and Cormier, J.
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 52(2) (pp. 483-499)

In-Situ Determination of Precipitation Kinetics During Heat Treatment of Superalloy 718 (2021)
Cormier, J.; Gadaud, P.; Czaplicki, M.; Zhang, R. Y.; Dong, H. B.; Smith, T. M.; Zhang, F.; Tiley, J. S. and Semiatin, S. L.
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 52(2) (pp. 500-511)

On the origin of mosaicity in directionally solidified Ni-base superalloys (2021)
Strickland, Joel; Nenchev, Bogdan; Tassenberg, Karl; Perry, Sam; Sheppard, Gareth; Dong, Hongbiao; Zhang, Ruiyao; Burca, Genoveva and D'Souza, Neil
Acta Materialia, Article 117180