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Miss Yasmin Bokhari Friberg

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Professional biography

I am a 4th year PhD student with an interest in paleoceanography, paleoclimate and geochemistry. My project aims to reconstruct Indian Summer Monsoon runoff and productivity during the late Pliocene and early Pleistocene using a multi-proxy approach, including bulk sediment elemental ratios (XRF), planktic foram stable isotopes, and planktic foram trace elements. I've constructed a late Pliocene age model for Site U1445 (northern Bay of Bengal) using benthic foraminifera tuned to the global benthic stack (LR04). I'm investigating how the monsoon changed both on a longer term (~2-4 Ma) and shorter term (~2.4-3.0 Ma) in relation to orbital forcing, ice volume change and CO2 fluctuations. My samples were retrieved during IODP expedition 353 in the Bay of Bengal, the core region of the Indian monsoon. 

Supervisors: Pallavi Anand, Phil Sexton, Kate Littler

Twitter: @YasminBokFri

LinkedIn: Yasmin Bokhari Friberg