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Mr Emmanuel Zuza

Professional biography

Emmanuel is a climate science researcher with an interest in the agricultural smallholder sector.  He is passionate about sustainable rural development and agroforestry while incorporating smallholders to improve their agricultural practices for increased food security and ecosystem services.  Over 7 years of experience in the nuts value chains in Africa.  Proven managerial and leadership skills, excellent educator. Exceptional cross-cultural communicator with strong written and oral skills; detail-oriented researcher. 

I am experienced in designing, developing, and managing long-term crop value chain programs specifically with smallholder farmer setups. Gained a high level of expertise in managing international development projects with DFID (Global Poverty Action Fund Project), USAID projects (Integrated Nutrition in Value Chains, Feed the Future - Peanut and Mycotoxin Innovation Lab and, Malawi Improved Seed Systems and Technologies Project/Aflasafe and GIZ - Malawi (MIERA project).  

Research interests

  • Environmental Sciences.
  • Impacts of climate change on the environment.
  • Gender Action Learning Systems.
  • Geospatial modelling.
  • GIS.
  • Nuts value chain development.

Teaching interests

  • Climate sciences.
  • Plant Pathology.
  • Entomology.
  • Food safety
  • Agroforestry.
  • Ecosystem services.
  • Environmental sciences.

Impact and engagement

  • Promotion of smallholder agroforestry for ecosystem services in developing countries.
  • Gender value chain assessments and women empowerment in value chains.
  • Youth in agriculture.

External collaborations

  1. Feed the Future - Peanut Innovation Laboratory.
  2. Agriculture Transformation Initiative - Smoke free world.
  3. Agro-Industries and Clean Energy Generation in Africa.
  4. More Income and Employment in the Rural Areas of Malawi.
  5. Liberations Food
  6. Neno Macadamia Trust and Highlands Macadamia Cooperative Union Limited.


Review of Macadamia Production in Malawi: Focusing on What, Where, How Much Is Produced and Major Constraints (2021-02-12)
Zuza, Emmanuel Junior; Maseyk, Kadmiel; Bhagwat, Shonil; Emmott, Andrew; Rawes, Will and ,
Agriculture, 11, Article e152(2)

Effect of Harvesting Time and Drying Methods on Aflatoxin Contamination in Groundnut in Mozambique (2018-12-31)
Zuza Jnr, Emmanuel; Muitia, Amade; I.V. Amane, Manuel; L. Brandenburg, Rick; Emmott, Andrew and Mondjana, Ana
In: B Njobeh, Patrick and Stepman, Francois eds. Mycotoxins - Impact and Management Strategies. Mycotoxins: Impact and Management Strategies (1) (pp. 1-350)
ISBN : 978-1-83881-847-0 | Publisher : IntechOpen | Published : United Kingdom

Does growing location and altitude affect macadamia tree yields? (2020)
Zuza, Emmanuel
Postgraduate Research Poster Competition, The Open University