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Ms Shi-Min Chua

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Professional biography

Shi Min has been trained as a research psychologist, specializing in experimental psychology, quantitative analysis, psycholinguistics, bilingual language and literacy acquisition, and neuropsychology. She collaborated with computer scientists, neurologists, speech therapists during this period of time, and had been heavily involved in developing vocabulary assessment for bilingual population, cognitive and linguistic testing and intervention for elderly and clients with brain insult. She is currently embarking on her PhD project on the discussion in MOOCs, from the perpective of sociolinguistics, psychology as well as education. On top of her quantitative skill that she is continuously sharpening, she also is applying qualitative analysis to her research project. Before joining OU, she worked in an information service company, Dow Jones as a content analyst in charge of curating newsletters tailored to clients' industry, media analysis, and content curations for the company database, Factiva.

Research interests

Her main research project is in the discussion activities in MOOCs, especially the social dynamic as expressed by the language used and interaction in the discussion. She also hopes to examine the discussion on social, political and economic issues in MOOCs, as well as the discussion on well-being in MOOCs. It is hoped that from this result, she is able to design methods or tools for both learners and mentors to facilitate their participation on the MOOC discussion.

Secondly, given the popularity of MOOCs among the retirees, it is possible to document their writing throughout a long period of time to investigate trace of deterioration and predict dementia. The cognitive stimulation provided by MOOCs to them is another aspect to be examined.

Thirdly, MOOC may be a channel for raising cultural awareness, promoting well-being and public outreach, rather than merely for formal education only. She is particularly interested in understanding learners' experience with MOOCs that are not really career or skill-driven. 

Lastly, she has a wild dream to organize a MOOC or OER hub to introduce Southeast Asia Culture and History to promote cultural awareness as well as sustainable tourism in the region.  


Teaching interests

She taught as a tutor in National University of Singapore while doing her master there. The module taught were: Introduction to Psychology, Atypical Development, and Abnormal Psychology. She also mentored speech and language therapy students on their research project, particularly on data analysis matter.


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