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Award acceptance (on-award)

Upon notification that your bid has been successful the following checks are undertaken by your faculty research support teams before the award can be formally accepted:

  • AMS – whether minor amendments to the details tab are required i.e. project dates.
  • Budget – whether there are any changes between submitted and awarded amount, your faculty unit accountant will amend the budget if necessary.
  • Contract – liaison with CLS for the following (i) review and/or negotiation of the offer and contractual terms and conditions (ii) drafting of any additional agreements such as collaboration or consortium agreements. Instructions for requesting a review can be found in the contract review section.
  • Ethics - where applicable the Principal Investigator should be referred to the relevant ethics committee. More information about the ethics application process can be found below.

Accepting an award on AMS

The award acceptance process for the Award Management System starts with outcome notification, proceeds to award set up, then concludes with award acceptance.

Accepting an award will be managed by the faculty research support teams and RES. For full details on the acceptance process via AMS please refer to the AMS Guidance.

Accepting an award via a funder portal

Some funders require the institution to accept the award via the funder portal. In these instances, the award will be accepted by RES upon confirmation from the PI and faculty that they wish to accept the award and confirmation on AMS from CLS that they are happy with the T&Cs.

Contract Review

Contractual documentation should be saved to the relevant AMS project Document Repository with the tag 'Contract and Legal' and an AMS comment sent to Finance-Comm-Legal advising that the documents have been uploaded, together with the file name details and any deadline. If you are unsure whether a contract is required (eg. where no money is involved but there will be obligations on the parties or issues re intellectual property (IP), please contact Commercial Legal Services for advice.

Delegated Authorities – who can sign my research contract/agreement?

The delegated authority i.e. the legal representative of the University who can sign legal contacts on behalf of the University is Jo Vango (Commercial Legal Service Manager)

Ethics Application

If your research project involves the collection of data and/or biological samples from human participant and/or research with non-human animals ethical approval (internal and external where appropriate) must be in place before you research project can commence. Follow the links for full details of the ethics application process for Human Research and Animal Research.

Approval can take up to 4-6 weeks.


For more information contact the REC review team.