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The films

The Art of Relationships has been designed to explore the power of art in the form of a film series (see the artist's vision) to engage members of the public with social science research. It brings together cutting-edge OU research on relationships with digital art in an innovative manner. This project has involved two Open University academics Prof Darren Langdridge and Prof Jacqui Gabb working with the artist Steve Geliot to produce the film series that is available below.

Online questionnaire - tell us what you think

We would be grateful if you would complete the online questionnaire after watching the films. Please do share the website link with your friends and encourage them to watch the films and tell us also what they think of them via the online questionnaire. Your input will be invaluable to us in furthering our research on relationships as a key element in contemporary citizenship, and understanding how we might best communicate our findings on this topic to the public.

View more films from the film maker, Steve Geliot, on Vimeo.