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Professor Fortunata Songora Makene

Tanzania research lead

Prof. Fortunata Songora Makene is a Senior Researcher and Head of Strategic Research and Publications at Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF).  She has taught Sociology, Global Studies and Women Studies. Fortunata worked at ESRF in the 1990s for the secretariat that crafted Development Vision 2025 for Tanzania.  In the USA she managed the Commission on Status of Women for St. Cloud State University.  Her research interests are areas of social protection and human rights (specifically children rights and women’s rights) to education and health and development. Her work is rooted primarily in sociology, but incorporates important elements of law and anthropology.  Her research has focused on how laws and policies are experienced by vulnerable populations in non-industrialized countries.  Basically, inclusion of vulnerable groups especially girls and women into the education and health.  For the ICCA project, Prof. Makene is a CO-I and team leader for the Tanzanian team.