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Professor Maureen Mackintosh

Principal Investigator

Maureen Mackintosh is Professor of Economics at the Open University, and the Principal Investigator for the ICCA project. She led an earlier ESRC-funded collaborative project, with Tanzanian and Kenyan colleagues including Dr Mercy Karimi Njeru, on “Industrial productivity, health sector performance and policy synergies for inclusive growth”, on which the ICCA project builds.  Recent open access publications include Mackintosh, M. Banda, G. Tibandebage, P. and Wamae, W. (eds) (2016) Making Medicines in Africa: the Political Economy of Industrializing for Local Health, Palgrave; and Mackintosh, M. Mugwagwa, J. Banda, G. Tunguhole, J. Tibandebage, P. Wangwe, S. Karimi Njeru, M. (2018) Health-industry linkages for local health: reframing policies for African health system strengthening. Health Policy and Planning.