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Industrial-health linkages

The concept of linkages between health and industry which is central to this research, is informed by Smita Srinivas’ book, Market Menagerie: Health and Development in Late Industrial States, which sets out the evaluative heuristic of a “triad” of institutional domains: production, consumption, and delivery. These domains are strongly linked in practice in the development of health sector performance and industrial growth, but the cumulative interactions between them are generally ignored in health system research and in industrial economics. Gaps and failures in the relationships between these three domains block access by patients to potentially life-saving technologies and essential care (e.g. pain relief). Linkage changes such as new health financing, organisation of primary care or shifts in public/private boundaries may influence access to new technologies, while local manufacturers’ concern to expand markets may help to disseminate them. Regulatory and procurement changes can create positive synergies between technological innovation and better access to treatment.