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Low-cost Innovation

Our research questions in industrial research in India and the UK are:

(1) What are the current and emerging technologies from India and the UK that can potentially lower the cost of cancer care in East Africa?

(2) What is India’s current and emerging role as supplier of oncology therapies, diagnostics and devices for African countries, and India’s industrial capability to innovate in low cost therapeutics?

Interviews and an industrial survey investigate relevant current and emerging technologies in India, including diagnostics and pharmaceutical treatments. Relevant technologies may be modular, adaptable to local policy and infrastructure bottlenecks, and easily accessed through existing demand and delivery mechanisms. The research is identifying Indian enterprises oriented or potentially oriented to African markets, including biotech, informatics, and instrumentation. In the UK, interviews with firms will focus on business models, therapy areas and anticipated products, funding models, management of technology readiness, competition and regulation, marketing authorisation and the choice of in-house or contract manufacture.