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The research findings will be used to generate scenarios that link specific local industrial and health sector innovations, in order to illuminate constraints and opportunities for generating more accessible cancer care in East Africa. Scenario-building is a method of assessing short term policies and decision making in the light of potential future developments that are both uncertain and important. We will work with stakeholders to: 

(1) Identify and evidence likely trends that affect cancer care: changes in technologies (technological disrupters); markets and industry structure; finance, industrial and trade policies; regulatory and policy capabilities; R&D and technology transfer scope; firm-level capabilities.

(2) Generate specific examples of industry-health innovations that can improve cancer care, and in the light of these trends, assess these innovations, collaboratively with stakeholders, for feasibility, benefits, costs and cost-effectiveness, level of uncertainty, and implications for policy. 

We will make the scenarios available, in a variety of forms that adhere to required confidentiality, on the Publications page.