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Living Multiculture

The new geographies of ethnicity and the changing formations of multiculture in England

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It is has often felt like a winter of argument, contestation and crisis around migration and multiculture.

Rather unbelievably we are in the final weeks of Living multiculture being a ‘live project’.

A quick update on the various activities on the Living Multiculture project: we are deep in the data ‘cleaning’ and coding process still.

A quick update. The Interim Findings seminar on 27th September at the OU in London Campus went really well.

We’re now immersed in the masses of data we’ve collected in the form of individual and group interview transcripts and detailed field notes. Time to get to grips with the data analysis!

We're moving into a new phase of the research project now. There is a change in the team… we have been sharing emerging findings… and in April we started the last phase of the repeated group interviews.

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For further information about the project, questions, queries and media enquiries, please contact Prof Allan Cochrane or a member of the project team.