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eSTEeM Projects

eSTEeM is providing a mechanism for professional development through practice-based scholarship within a mentored community. Much of our work is organised on a project basis with project management aimed at the delivery of new educational outcomes and scholarship outputs. 

eSTEeM supports a rolling portfolio of approx. 80 active scholarship projects under a number of themes which include:

  • Innovative assessment
  • International curriculum delivery
  • Online/onscreen STEM practice
  • STEM engagement
  • Supporting students
  • Technologies for STEM learning

To learn more about our projects, please click on the project titles or use the search feature below by entering keywords. To search by the name of a project leader, please use the 'Filter by Project Leader' tab on the right-hand side of this page.

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Search results

    Active learning in synchronous online tuition: increasing student interaction

  1. Katrine Rogers
  2. Highly Commended at the 3rd eSTEeM Scholarship Projects of the Year Awards 2020 under the category – Enhancing the Student Experience.

    September 2017 to July 2019

    Analytics for tracking student engagement

  3. Christine Gardner
  4. Although there has been much research in the area of data analytics in recent years (e.g. Shum and Ferguson 2012), there are questions regarding which analytic methodologies can be most effective in informing higher education teaching and learning practices (Gibson and de Freitas, 2016).

    October 2017 to February 2021

    Using Student Analytics with tutors to increase retention

  5. Katie Chicot
  6. Highly Commended at the 2nd eSTEeM Scholarship Projects of the Year Awards 2019 under the category - Enhancing the Student Experience.

    November 2017 to August 2018

    Developing a sense of community through cross‐level engagement between staff and students in creative industries subjects

  7. Nicole Lotz
  8. The overall project set out to pilot and evaluate innovative programme level blended engagement events that aim to create a community of learners across a qualification.

    November 2017 to June 2020

    Assessment banking – useful break or deferred withdrawal? An investigation of the outcomes and experience for students who have assessment banked

  9. Linda Robson
  10. One of the options for students facing difficulties with their studies is to assessment bank their TMAs and take an extended break, with the intention of returning at the same point in the next presentation of their module.

    November 2017 to December 2022

    Piloting OU Analyse and the Student Probabilities Model on 12 STEM Modules

  11. Carlton WoodSteve Walker
  12. The eSTEeM project Piloting OU Analyse and the Student Probabilities Model on 12 STEM Modules was established in November 2017 and aimed to explore whether, and how, these two learning analytics tools, could contribute to one of the four priorities - the use of data and analytics -

    May 2017 to August 2019

    Supporting Degree Apprenticeship students: Tutors’ and Students’ perspectives

  13. Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui
  14. Recently the UK government has initiated various initiatives and strategies to address the need for increased STEM skills in the workplace.

    October 2017 to September 2021

    An investigation into how STEM students use learning resources in different formats, and how this use develops over time

  15. Laura AlexanderAlexis Lansbury
  16. Winner at the 4th eSTEeM Scholarship Projects of the Year Awards 2021 under the category - Enhancing the Student Experience.

    An overall summary of our findings would be that:-

    November 2017 to February 2021

    Evaluating the impact of a qualification based approach to student engagement and success in engineering study

  17. Alec Goodyear
  18. The main project question is focused on whether, and if so how, a whole qualification approach of designing and developing the various components of the recent BEng (Hons) (Q65) and MEng (M04) has had a positive impact on student success.

    May 2018 to August 2023

    Perceptions, Expectations and Experience of Group Tuition: towards a shared understanding amongst stakeholders (part II: the student perspective)

  19. Anne CampbellMark JonesAnne-Marie Gallen
  20. The aim of this project was to explore student expectations and experiences of face-to-face (i.e., physically co-located) and online tuition in groups and to analyse these findings with reference to an earlier project in which we examined tutor perceptions of tuition in groups.

    May 2018 to January 2023

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