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How to register for TELT

TELT (TEachers Learning to Teach languages) is open to all primary teachers, and secondary teachers with a secondment in primary, across the UK.

We welcome both employer-sponsored and independently-funded students. Please discuss sponsorship with your employer before contacting us if that is your preferred route.

If you are self-funding, we need to carry out an eligibility check to establish that you will be able to apply your new language and teaching skills in a school setting, as this is a core element of this course. Therefore, please provide a letter from your headteacher at registration, confirming that you will be able to teach the language in your school while being a student on this course.

Registrations open in mid-March each year for TELT modules which start annually on the first Saturday in October.

Information on pricing, and how to register, for prospective students based in:

*If you are an employer who seeks to sponsor places for students in England, call 0300 303 5777 or email: