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Students on the move

To ensure minimal study disruption when a student transfers in to your prison or out to a different prison, or they are released from custody, please notify us as soon as possible.

What to do when a student transfers out of your prison

  1. Prepare the student
    • If you are made aware of the transfer in advance please speak to the student if possible and advise them to make contact with their Education Department at the new prison, as soon as possible, to let them know that they are an OU student.
    • Advise the student of their OU Personal Identifier (PI) number if this has not already been done.
  2. Inform the SiSE Registration Team
    • Please inform the SiSE Registration Team as soon as the student has been transferred. We need to know the name of the prison the student is moving to so that we can update their record and avoid materials/communications being delivered to the wrong location.

    Module Materials

    • Please forward module materials to the new prison where possible, if the student has been unable to take them.
  3. Inform the Tutor
    • If you are able, it would be helpful if you could also inform the student’s tutor of the transfer.

What to do when an OU student transfers to your prison

  • Please contact the SiSE Registration Team by email or phone to advise them that a student has transferred into your prison. If possible, please provide the student's PI, name and previous prison this will help locate their record. If you do not know their PI please provide their date of birth.
  • We will provide you with the details of the student’s current module and provide a module information sheet.
  • If the prison is able to support the student your regional SiSE support team will email you the student’s tutor details and provide the tutor with contact details for the prison.
  • If, for any reason, the prison is unable to support the student we will refer them to a SISE Regional Manager for advice and guidance.

Module Materials

  • Please check with the student to ensure they have all of their module materials and advise the SiSE Registration Team if they are missing anything.
  • If the student feels they have fallen behind as a result of their transfer please inform the tutor as soon as possible. The tutor may be able to grant extensions for assignments. If this isn't a realistic option then please contact the regional SiSE support team. to discuss possible deferral.

What to do when a student is released

  1. Before they are released
    • Advise the student that they should make contact with the SiSE Registration Team immediately upon release. They will provide the student with advice and guidance about continuing their studies.
    • Provide them with the Released Student's Leaflet.
    • Once released the University will undertake certain checks to determine the level of access the student will have to the online resources. These checks are made with the student's probation officer. The student will still be able to continue study using their offline pack in the meantime.
    • If they are considering taking a temporary break from study we can also refer them for advice and guidance regarding deferral.
  2. Upon release
    • Please inform the SiSE Registration Team as soon as possible and provide any forwarding details for the student and/or their probation officer. Please do this even if you have previously advised us of a potential release date.

What to do when an OU student enters prison for the first time

If a student advises they were studying with us before entering prison, send details of their PI or name and date of birth along with address (prior to entering prison) to the SiSE Registration Team.

We will check whether the qualification they are registered on is one they can continue with in prison, and provide advice and guidance as appropriate. 


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