About us

This site has been created by Jovan Byford, Lecturer in Social Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University, UK, as part of the British Academy funded project History and politics of Holocaust remembrance: Semlin Judenlager in Serbian public memory (March 2007-May 2008).

Visit my personal page at The Open University website and find out more about my recent work. My e-mail address can be found under Contact.


I would like to thank my research assistants Jovan Nicić and Tamara Tomišić for their indispensable help with data gathering.

I am grateful to Carole Moyle, Web Development Officer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Open University for designing this webpage.

My gratitude also goes to my father Timothy Byford who translated the letters of Hilda Dajč.

Finally, I would like to recognise the contribution of the following individuals and institutions to this project:

Vojislava Radovanović, Branka Džidić and Milica Mihailović (Jewish Historical Museum, Belgrade)
Milena Radojčić and Evica Micković (Historical Archive of Belgrade)
Svetlana Gavrilović (National Library of Serbia)
Dejan Ristić (Serbian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy)
Nada Živković (Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute, Belgrade)
Marta Vukotić-Lazar (Institute of Urbanism, Belgrade)
Radoslav Zelenović (Yugoslav Film Archive)
Mileta Kečina (Archives of the Serbian State Televison)
Miladin Milošević (Archives of Serbia and Montenegro)

Of course, the responsibility for the content of this site and any potential errors and omission is entirely my own.