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Dr Ashutosh Bhagurkar

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The relationship between electric processing condition and microstructure in the solidification of multicomponent oxides (2023)
Bhagurkar, Ashutosh and Qin, Rongshan
Ceramics International, 49 (pp. 20096-20103)

Effect of electropulsing on the solidification of mould flux (2022-07)
Bhagurkar, Ashutosh G. and Qin, Rongshan
Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 19 (pp. 2146-2155)

Effect of pulsating solidification on the surface properties of conductive materials (2022-05-25)
Qin, Rongshan and Bhagurkar, Ashutosh
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 478, Article 20210726(2261)

The Microstructure Formation in Slag Solidification at Continuous Casting Mold (2022-04-02)
Bhagurkar, Ashutosh and Qin, Rongshan
Metals, 12, Article 617(4)