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Miss Freya Wise

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Professional biography

I have a BSC(hons) in Environmental/Earth Science from The Open University and a MLitt in Warstudies from The University of Glasgow. I started my PhD with The Open University in October 2018 and I am combining these these two areas of interest though my project. My PhD looking at reducing whole life energy in heritage buildings through sensitive retrofit, with a geographical focus on the newly enscripted World Heritage Site of the English Lake District.

Research interests

I am interested in sustainability and climate change mitigation with a particular focus on energy usage reduction and renewable energy. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary research which combines the what and how of hard science with some of the why of social science. 

I am also interested in history, especially military history from ancient times through to the 18th century with a focus on naval warfare, ship design, logistics and military leadership. I believe that military history is a product of its society however and therefore I am also interested in social, political and technical history and how these intersect with military developments. 

I am additionally interested in management development and leadership theory and how it is applied or otherwise in various fields. 

Architecture, building development and traditional craftsmanship  is another area I enjoy exploring, particularly looking at historic buildings, their design features and how they were lived in. 


Considering embodied energy and carbon in heritage buildings – a review (2019)
Wise, F.; Moncaster, A.; Jones, D. and Dewberry, E.
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 329, Article 12002