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Mr Javier Ruiz Ramos

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Professional biography

I am a Forest engineer with broad interests in the use of GIS and Remote Sensing for monitoring natural landscapes. My PhD project aims to highlight the capabilities of Synthetic Aperture Radar - SAR satellite sensors for detecting disturbances in the world's forests; with a focus on the investigation of forest transformations associated with human socio-economic activities (e.g. logging, windthrows, flood, wildfires). This research combines different datasets acquired by multiple space-borne and airborne sensors (Lidar, radar, optical) together with ground measurements in order to perform a thorough investigation of the qualitative and quantitive losses derived from changes occurred in forests. 

I previously completed my Master's degree at Kingston University London in Geographical Information Systems and Science where I developed a strong interest in the area of Earth Observation and Environmental Conservation. For my master's final project, I focused on merging historical GIS and environmental data with socioeconomic factors for assessing the environmental concerns associated with the abusive exploitation of the protected aquifer of the Doñana National park. 


Continuous Forest Monitoring Using Cumulative Sums of Sentinel-1 Timeseries (2020)
Ruiz-Ramos, Javier; Marino, Armando; Boardman, Carl and Suarez, Juan
Remote Sensing, 12(18) (e3061)

La Teledetección en la Caracterización del Régimen de Incendios y de los Efectos Sobre la Vegetación (2019-01)
Díaz-Delgado, Ricardo and Ruíz-Ramos, Javier
In : del Simposio sobre Ecología de la Regeneración de Zonas incendiadas. Bases para su Restauración (21-23 Mar 2018, Seville) (pp. 131-146)

Polarimetry SAR detectors for monitoring Mediterranean forest fires events (2018-03-13)
Ruiz-Ramos, Javier; Marino, Armando and Boardman, Carl P.
In : Wavelength conference 2018 (12-14 Mar 2018, University of Sheffield)

Using Sentinel 1-SAR for Monitoring Long Term Variation in Burnt Forest Areas (2018)
Ruiz-Ramos, Javier; Marino, Armando and Boardman, Carl P.
In : IGARSS 2018 - 2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (22-27 Jul 2018, Valencia, Spain) (pp. 4901-4904)