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Palaeoceanography and oceanography

Research ship unloads equipment at the antarctic

We take a multi-proxy approach to understanding modern and past Ocean and climate interactions of the Earth system.

Our research of today’s oceans involves establishing how the ocean interacts with the cryosphere, using robotic and remote sensing technologies in remote locations and developing inorganic and organic geochemical proxies for seawater properties such as temperature, salinity, and carbon dioxide and nutrient content.

These geochemical proxies are applied in the geological past to determine changes in the physical and chemical properties of seawater in response to biogeochemical perturbations in the Earth system.

The timescales we examine range from abrupt events to longer-term climatic evolution over the Cenozoic. By integrating (palaeo-)oceanographic data with climate modelling across varied temporal and spatial scales we aim to improve our understanding of the sensitivity of oceanic processes to wider changes in the carbon cycle and cryosphere.

If you have any questions or want to find out more please contact Pallavi Anand.


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