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Scholarship Seminar - Marking remote exams remotely

Thursday, May 13, 2021 - 13:00 to 14:00

Speaker: Robert Hasson (The Open University)

Marking remote exams remotely

Abstract: When students take remote exams then we get folders of pdf files rather than boxes of paper scripts. This seminar describes a process for marking these pdfs in a way that mirrors the process for marking paper scripts. In order to support this process computer programs were written to automate some of the steps, such as the upload of marks to the OSCAR website. These computer programs are available for both Windows and MacOS and can be executed from the command prompt without needing any special installation.

The marking process described is applicable to centrally marked exams and externally marked exams (where the script allocation is determined by ACQ). It is also applicable to remote exams using the eTMA system or those using the VLE iCME system.

This seminar is intended to be both an introduction to the process and a refresher for those teams that followed the process last year