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Mr Alvaro Bustos Gajardo

Profile summary

Professional biography

I graduated in Mathematical Engineering (applied mathematics) at Universidad de Chile in 2016, followed by a PhD in Applied Mathematics in the same university, which I completed in mid-2021; this was under the tutelage of Dr. Michael H. Schraudner. As part of the aforementioned PhD program, I spent six months (between 2019 and 2020) at Bielefeld University, in Germany, collaborating with Dr. Michael Baake and the Aperiodic Order group there. During the course of my undergrad and PhD, I have participated in several teaching activities, including being a lecturer at Universidad de Chile for two semesters (2020-2021).

In 2021 I joined the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the Open University as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, working with Dr. Reem Yassawi. Currently, I am working under the supervision of Drs. Dan Rust and Ian Short.

For up-to-date information, publications, etc., please visit my personal website at

Research interests

My main research interests are symbolic dynamics and topological dynamics, together with algebra and its applications in the aforementioned setting. My recent work relates to the study of the groups of automorphisms and extended symmetries of symbolic systems with a rigid structure, such as substitutive and number-theoretical shift spaces.

In addition to this, I am interested in the connections between symbolic dynamics (and dynamical systems in general) with other areas of mathematics such as number theory, combinatorics, computational complexity and automata theory.