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Mr Argyris Christodoulou

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am part of the Analysis and Geometry research group. 

Research interests

Complex analysis, hyperbolic geometry, holomorphic and confromal dynamics. 


Stability of the Denjoy–Wolff theorem (2021)
Christodoulou, Argyrios and Short, Ian
Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ ((In press))

A hyperbolic-distance inequality for holomorphic maps (2019)
Short, Ian and Christodoulou, Argyrios
Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ, Mathematica, 44 (pp. 293-300)

Dynamics Of Holomorphic Functions In The Hyperbolic Plane (2020-04-07)
Christodoulou, Argyrios
PhD thesis The Open University