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Aperiodic Order and Quasicrystals

Book on Aperiodic Order

The Aperiodic Order Research Group works in an interdisciplinary area covering aspects of Pure and Applied Mathematics as well as applications in Physics. The group is led by Dr Uwe Grimm and currently comprises post-doctoral research fellows and a research student funded by an EPSRC project. The group has active international collaborations, and regularly hosts international visitors.

Aperiodic Order became a major topic of interest after quasicrystals were discovered in the early 1980s. While a conventional crystal has an underlying lattice structure, with a periodic repetition of a single basic building block, quasicrystals display a more intricate form of order. Idealised models of quasicrystals are based on aperiodic tilings of space, which are perfectly ordered without periodicity.

Research in this area covers the mathematics of aperiodic tilings and applications in theoretical physics. It also touches on fundamental questions such as how to define and quantify "order" in a structure.

Details about research activity and results are published on the Aperiodic Order Research Group web page.