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"Do Bicycles Equal Development?" and other documents

Poverty strategy impact evaluation (RAI)

Mozambique’s government and donors are now evaluating the impact of the poverty reduction strategy of the past four years, PARPA II (Plano de acção para a redução da pobreza absoluta, 2006-2009). The following studies, prepared as inputs to the Impact Evaluation Report (Relatório de Avaliação do Impacto, RAI) of PARPA II, were circulated in late 2009 and early 2010. Documents are in Portuguese unless noted.

G19 PAP Budget support donors

The group of 19 budget support donors (G19), known also as the PAP (Programme Aid Partnership, Parceria de Apoio Programático) who put part of their aid into budget support now includes all the key donors except the United States and Japan. They have their own website, on which they post key agreements and the twice-yearly joint reviews (posted under Reviews/Revisões)

Donor-Government Joint Review 30 April 2007

G20 civil society platform

"Poverty reduction necessarily involves access to income through employment", says Mozambique's G20 civil society platform in its Annual Poverty Report 2005, launched on 2 June 2006. The G20 calls for jobs and adevelopment bank.

Guebuza Carter Centre speech

In a speech at the Carter Centre on 9 December 2005, Mozambican President Armando Guebuza criticised doors for telling Mozambique it cannot have a development bank. "Privatization means privatizing for the foreigner, and the domestic entrepreneurs do not have the resources, they are not given the chance to have the resources, and they are not part of those that should play an important role in creating wealth in the country and providing jobs." A development bank would change that. In the discussion, Mozambicans said "donors are actively discouraging" the development bank "through surreptitious means."

President Guebuza called on donors to listen a little bit more to what Mozambique says it wants, and to stop demanding so many viability studies. "We are the first ones interested in solving our problems. We feel them every day, and that is why we need to own our own development program"

Health -- off-budget aid

PARPA II (Plano de acção para a redução da pobreza absoluta, 2006-2009)

PARPA II (Plano de acção para a redução da pobreza absoluta, 2006-2009), Mozambique’s Poverty Reducation Strategy Paper, was approved by the Council of Ministers on 2 May 2006 and formally launched on 23 June 2006. It was negotiated with donors but was not presented to parliament. The documents are posted on the Ministry of Planning and Development website, and also posted here.

Other documents