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Vishwanath Shirodkar (tabla) and Bageshree Vaze (tanpura) at IITB, Mumbai, April 2003. The major research project Experience and meaning in music performance investigates how musical performance is experienced by musicians and listeners, and how this experience relates to the meaning people ascribe to it. The core of the project focuses on north Indian raga performance, with other strands concentrating on jazz, rock, Cuban popular music and Afro-Brazilian Congado. This interdisciplinary project is pursued by a team of researchers working in close collaboration, employing a combination of ethnographic and empirical methods. It involves the recording of professional quality video and audio recording and the development of new methods for their analysis.

We are currently working on an expanded and substantially revised version of this site, which will be available from autumn 2009.

Experience and meaning in music performance is supported by the The Arts & Humanities Research Council