Experience and meaning in music performance

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The following publications by team members relate directly to the Experience and meaning in music performance project:

Martin Clayton

“Observing entrainment in music performance: video-based observational analysis of Indian musicians’ tanpura playing and beat marking”. Musicae Scientiae 11/1 (2007), pp.27-60. Follow this link for the Online Annexe

“Communication in Indian raga performance”. In Dorothy Miell, David Hargreaves, and Raymond MacDonald, eds. Musical Communication, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2005), pp.361-381. ISBN 0-19-852936-8.

“In time with the music: the concept of entrainment and its significance for ethnomusicology” European Meetings in Ethnomusicology 11 (ESEM Counterpoint 1), (2005), pp.3-75. (with Rebecca Sager and Udo Will) Download 2004 pre-print PDF version (941 KB)

Laura Leante

“Multimedia Aspects of Progressive Rock Shows: Analysis of the Performance of The Musical Box”, in: BORIO, GIANMARIO and FACCI, SERENA (eds.), Proceedings of the International Conference "Composition and Experimentation in British Rock 1966-1976", Philomusica on-linehttp://www.unipv.it/britishrock1966-1976/index.htm. (2007)