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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

Reading Experience Database UK Historical image of readers

Copyright and Citation guide:

Copyright and Citation Information:

Copyright of the UK Reading Experience Database (RED) and in the structure and design of the database belongs to the Open University (UK). Access is provided solely for the purposes of research, teaching, private study, and general interest. Prior written permission is required for any alteration or redistribution of the database, or a substantial portion thereof in any form, including electronic; prior written permission is also required for any commercial exploitation of the database’s contents. Proper acknowledgement should be made when citing or quoting materials: for full details about citing material contained in the UK Reading Experience Database, see the guidelines provided on the record display.


Picture Acknowledgements:

John Watkins Chapman, ‘In the Library’ © Bridgeman Art Library
‘Ms 265 f.VI v Edward IV, with Elizabeth Woodville, Edward V and Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later Richard III, from the “Dictes of Philosophers”,' c.1477 © Bridgeman Art Library
‘The Scriptorium of a Monastery, from the book “The Church of England: A History for the People”’, published c.1910 © Bridgeman Art Library
Ambrosius Benson, ‘Young Woman Reading a Book of Hours’, © Bridgeman Art Library
‘Samuel Pepys (1633-1703)’
‘Lady Ingram and her Two Sons Martin and Steven’, 1557 © Bridgeman Art Library
‘Portrait of Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845)’, © Bridgeman Art Library
‘Coffee house, Clerkenwell’ © Bridgeman Art Library
Henrietta Mary Ward, ‘Queen Victoria (1819-1901) after Baron Heinrich von Angeli (1840-1925)’ © Bridgeman Art Library
A New Zealand soldier reading from a German magazine, World War I, 20 Aug 1918. Alexander Turnbull Library, New Zealand, Reference No. 1/2-013490-G
Bert Hardy, ‘Life in the Shelter (photograph)’, 29 March 1941 © Art Library Image Gallery
Isaac Cruikshank, ‘The Circulating Library’ © Bridgeman Art Library
Thomas Rowlandson, ‘A Merchant's Office, 1789’ © Bridgeman Art Library
Jonathan Wolstenholme, ‘Cross References’, 2003 © Bridgeman Art Library

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