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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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 √ Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1700-1799'Horace having been mentioned; BOSWELL. "There is a great deal of thinking in his works. One finds there almost every thing but religion". SEWARD. "He speaks of his retur...James Boswell Horace Print: Book
1700-1799'I wrote to him, begging to know the state of his health, and mentioned that Baxter's "Anacreon", "which is in the library at Auchinleck, was, I find, collated by my fath...James Boswell Anacreon Print: Book
1700-1799'Johnson praised the Earl of Carlisle's Poems, which his Lordship had published with his name, as not disdaining to be a candidate for literary fame. My friend was of opi...James Boswell William Whitehead'Elegy to Lord Villiers'Print: Unknown
1700-1799'He told me that "so long ago as 1748 he had read 'The Grave, a Poem', but did not like it much." I differed from him; for though it is not equal throughout, and is seldo...James Boswell Robert Blair'The Grave, a Poem'Print: Unknown
1700-1799'Let me add, that Hawkesworth's imitations of Johnson are sometimes so happy,that it is extremely difficult to distinguish them, with certainty, from the compositions of ...James Boswell John HawkesworthAdventurer, ThePrint: Serial / periodical
1700-1799' [Letter from Boswell to Johnson] Your critical notes on the specimen of Lord Hailes's "Annals of Scotland" are excellent. I agreed with you on every one of them. He him...James Boswell David Dalrymple, Lord HailesAnnals of ScotlandManuscript: Unknown
1700-1799'BOSWELL. "Yet Cibber was a man of observation?" JOHNSON. "I think not." BOSWELL. "You will allow his 'Apology' to be well done". JOHNSON. "Very well done, to be sure, Si...James Boswell Colley CibberApology for the Life of Mr. Colley CibberPrint: Book
1700-1799'[At the home of the Quaker Mr Lloyd] I having asked to look at Baskerville's edition of "Barclay's Apology", Johnson laid hold of it; and the chapter on baptism happenin...James Boswell Robert BarclayApology for the True Christian DivinityPrint: Book
1700-1799'Miss Hannah More has admirably described a [italics] Blue-stocking Club [end italics], in her "Bas Bleu", a poem in which many of the persons who were most conspicuous t...James Boswell Hannah MoreBas Bleu; or ConversationPrint: Unknown
1700-1799'This forenoon I read the history of Joseph and his brethren, which melted my heart and drew tears from my eyes. It is simply and beautifully told in the Sacred Writings....James Boswell [n/a]BiblePrint: Book
1700-1799'[ letter from Boswell to Johnson, responding to the latter's contention that there existed no adequate 'Life' of Thomson] Since I received your letter I have read his [T...James Boswell Biographia BritannicaPrint: Book
1700-1799'[ letter from Boswell to Johnson, responding to the latter's contention that there existed no adequate 'Life' of Thomson] Since I received your letter I have read his [T...James Boswell Biographical DictionaryPrint: Book
1700-1799'[letter from Boswell to Johnson] I have, since I saw you, read every word of Granger's "Biographical History". It has entertained me exceedingly, and I do not think him ...James Boswell James GrangerBiographical History of England from Egbert the Gr...Print: Book
1700-1799'This Tale ["Rasselas"], with all the charms of oriental imagery, and all the force and beauty of which the English language is capable, leads us through the most importa...James Boswell Voltaire [pseud.]Candide: Or, All for the Best Print: Book
1700-1799'I often wondered at his [Johnson's] low estimation of the writings of Gray and Mason. Of Gray's poetry I have, in a former part of this work, expressed my high opinion; ...James Boswell William MasonCaractacus: A Dramatic PoemPrint: Book
1700-1799'Boswell. "I do not know whether there are any well attested stories of the appearance of ghosts. You know there is a famous story of the appearance of Mrs. Veal, prefixe...James Boswell Charles DrelincourtChristians Defense against the Fears of Death Print: Book
1850-1899'I mentioned the periodical paper called "The Connoisseur." He said it wanted matter. No doubt it has not the deep thinking of Johnson's writings. But surely it has just ...James Boswell [n/a]Connoisseur, ThePrint: Serial / periodical
1700-1799'He [Johnson] was much diverted with an article which I shewed him in the "Critical Review" of this year, giving an account of a curious publication, entitled, "A Spiritu...James Boswell Critical ReviewPrint: Serial / periodical
1700-1799'A distinguished authour in "The Mirror", a periodical paper, published at Edinburgh, has imitated Johnson very closely. Thus, in No. 16,-- "The effects of the return o...James Boswell John YoungCriticism on Gray's Elegy in a Country ChurchyardPrint: Unknown
1700-1799'[letter from Boswell to Johnson] Did you ever look at a book written by Wilson, a Scotchman, under the Latin name of Volusenus, according to the custom of literary men a...James Boswell Florentius Volusenus [pseud.]De Animi TranquillitatePrint: Book

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